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Enjoy the Test Ride

Solo, with family, or friends — at your chosen location!

We're pleased to open reservations for the upcoming spring and summer season, offering limited opportunities for exclusive Test Rides. Book your Test Ride now to prioritize your experience. Pre-reservation is complimentary.


Experience the thrill of eFoiling with our Test Ride service. Whether you're new or experienced, glide above the water and explore the excitement of Audi e-tron foils at your own pace. Importantly, if you decide to purchase an eFoil from us within 6 months, the cost of the Test Ride will be fully refunded.



We provide the opportunity for an Audi e-tron foil Test Ride at:

  • your location - at the client's shore or

  • our location - at our shore, on Kernys lake, Zarasai District (55.61531052745029, 26.082206630808905)

Upon arrival with the company, accompanying persons will be able to observe the entertainment up close - located on the pontoon platform Wundanlunki.



Experience a Test Ride service for a fee of 500 EUR, which is fully refunded* if you decide to purchase a board. 


There are no additional costs based on the number of participants. However, we recommend a maximum of 1 to 4 persons per ride due to the availability of a single test board. 



The standard Test Ride takes approximately 3 hours and includes:

  • Safety instructions and training

  • Your gliding under our guidance with a fully charged battery.



If you wish to extend your experience, we offer the option to prolong your ride by an additional 2 hours with the availability of a 2nd battery (250 EUR extra). No pre-booking in advance is required; you are free to decide on-site.

Test Rides are enriching and non-binding

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Trying out the Audi e-tron foil can enhance your understanding or enjoyment of the product, allowing you the freedom to make your decision afterward.


How to prepare

Wearing helmets and life jackets is mandatory during a test ride, and this equipment is provided by us. Wearing a hydro suit is necessary in the cold season, and in the summer, it's your choice for comfort. Please take care of your own hydro suite (consider renting).


Test Rides are enriching and non-binding

A Test Ride does not create an obligation or commitment to make a purchase.


Refund policy

If you decide to acquire an Audi e-tron foil board within 6 months from (Engnessenis Ltd.), we'll promptly refund the 500 EUR Test Ride fee, seamlessly deducted from your premium board purchase.


Book a Glide

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